The cairns,statues and Varia in Djelibeli

In Djelibeli you’ll see some Cairns around the town.

Here is a map.

Control + to zoom in

Cairns: lets start at the Road of the Sun, at the junction just west of the harbour gate.

This is square 0

The first cairn on the road of the sun is one square North from this and is dedicated to :A small cairn (holy to Khefin) is standing by the wall. Square 1

continue north one square, A small cairn (holy to What) is standing by the wall.,(2)

next  square A small cairn (holy to Teg) is standing by the wall.,

next  square A small cairn (holy to Vut) is standing by the wall.

next A small cairn (holy to Nept) is standing by the wall.
Northwest A small cairn (holy to Ptrik) is standing by the wall.

north A small cairn (holy to Sessifet) is standing by the wall.

next A small cairn (holy to Scrab) is standing by the wall.

there isn’t a cairn on the next square on the road of the sun(9)

so northwest and there is one  small cairn (holy to Gil) is standing by the wall.

next square A small cairn (holy to Jeht) is standing by the square a small cairn (holy to Nesh) is standing
by the wall.

next square A small cairn (holy to Thrrp) is standing by the wall.

west and A small cairn (holy to Yay) is standing by the wall.

southwest A small cairn (holy to Aakt) is standing by the wall.

west A small cairn (holy to Preema) is standing by the wall.

A small cairn (holy to The Pharaoh) is standing by the wall.


If you search the cairns you’ll get blessed or stuck by lighting (300-800/900 /1000 hp damage). Which one will it be?


then there are some statues to inspect, which can be found on the first square of deity lane up from market street.(outside the eastern entrance to Gapp)

inspect statues (its random so you may spend some time before you see them all)

You stop a while to admire a statue of Thrrp, the Charioteer of the Sun.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Chefet, the Dog-Headed God of Metalwork.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Bunu, the Goat-headed God of Goats.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Hat, the Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected Guests.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Ket, the Ibis-Headed God of Justice.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Fhez, the Crocodile-Headed God of the Lower Djel.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Khefin, the Two-Faced God of Gateways.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Cephut, God of Cutlery.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Juf, the Cobra-Headed God of Papyrus.

You stop a while to admire a statue of Teg, the Horse-Headed God of Agriculture.

room spam will tell you  about a random statue from time to time.

A statue of Tzut looms menacingly, casting serpentine shadows.


Hidden djel

If you look one north from daft bugger, who’ll you find on market street one west of deity lane, you’ll see the hood.If you go in hee its potentially dangerous, you could get stolen from or stabed or even killed, so be careful. This is the hood, and explore it at your peril.

If you wander up Piety Lane  one square south of the end you’ll see a square with a trellis, which you can “move”and then “enter hole”

Here is a marble statue of a hippo, which you can dare to dip your finger, fingers or even your hand into. I’m not going to tell you what happens when you do, but I lived to tell the tale!


If you go t the djelian barracks and go 4 east youll find a camel called sadistic git. Kick him and he’ll kick you into the Netherworld IF you are over 2 days old.


Hidden entrance to the thieves guild on Sickle street

Crocodile pit if you kill Pkara Stainmaster, Ptarquet Shazam, and Ptyler Stonecutter are Djelibeybi’s contractor npcs. or a priest or cat

Stealing gets you deposited in the terrains





Newbie helpers vision

Newbiehelpers vision

This is my vision for the future of newbiehelpers. Perhaps you’ll think it wrong, or disagree and that’s important; respond, participate, shape. The newbiehelpers domain needs movement. This vision may not be what finally happens, nor indeed should it be. Newbiehelpers, much like the game, will evolve, change, mutate.

So some basics ideas for newbiehelpers.

1 a list of newbiehelpers. A newbiehelpers network.

Why? Because I imagine we don’t know them all, and “who helpers” returns those online at the moment. But it would be an idea to have a list somewhere, on or off disc, where we could look at the list and mud mail/email/send a message.

Some have suggested using Facebook to do this, but not all newbiehelpers are on it or want to do it that way, Google plus may be better. Or just a list so we can mud mail them to ask a question/contact them.

I think this is important for team spirit. We need to get to know each other’s skills and knowledge.

Also we could refer newbies on’ as Tique said.’ I don’t know much about assassins, but this other newbiehelper will’

So even if we can’t help them, someone else will.


2 Newbie tags.

When a player logs on, would it be possible to ask the question ‘Is this your first visit to Discworld mud?’

If so, they get no tag

If it’s not, they get the tag ‘alt’

So you’d see “character name (alt)” when you typed “who newbie”, or just ‘character name’ and the tag disappears with the newbie channel at 18 hrs. Maybe they need help, but we can still tailor our approach


3 Newbie questionnaires

Asking newbies to participate in a feedback questionnaire to see if the gameplay /newbiehelper interaction was what they wanted. How could we improve? Would they recommend they game?

Because we win awards, but let’s win hearts and minds too.


4 Encourage newbies to use boards, talkers, and the newbie channel. Etc. because they are shy and don’t.

5 Encourage newbies to ‘pass on the love’. Reiterate the Discworld ethos /etiquette.

If they were kindly helped, then wouldn’t it be great if they kindly help others?

Way back when, when I first logged in (and that’s a long time ago) I remember reading things on websites emphasizing that the players on Discworld mud were lovely, and so please be lovely too.

I think they still are lovely, but we shouldn’t let it slip. I still remember GWA.

The good of the game.

That’s what we need to focus on. Encourage newbies to log on again. Bring their friends.

Perhaps a newbie success rate where we can measure how many newbies actually make it to their first day. Or tenth log in or whatever.

6 The newbiehelpers oracle.

It should be added to the Discworld unofficial wiki as FAQ’s and added too there. Then close it! (its closed! hurray!)

7 Discworld unofficial wiki

It should be updated on the player links and someone needs to (or a group of people need to) take responsibility for it.

In the last few years I’ve seen some really excellent player run Discworld mud websites just blink out of existence. Don’t let this one be the next.

8 a Discworld newbiehelpers club.

Because we are run by creators but it would be nice to be an elected club so that people could have positions of responsibility should they so desire.

9 Helpers admin

Arwyn, Gnillot and Keb run the newbiehelpers domain. Thank them for what they do. Perhaps they’ll (and you’ll disagree with the vision.That’s a good thing, so

I also wonder about the “dead wood” in the newbiehelpers domain. Do we need to think about what to do with inactive newbiehelpers, or just leave it? I‘ll admit that if we cut out inactives, dobbin could be cut out very quickly as I’m not really an active player these days.

Do we need more newbiehelpers? Do we need a recruitment drive?

10 newbie chest.

It’s been suggested that a newbie chest be available. Most guilds already have one, so perhaps we don’t need this. But a list of where to find them? This is almost done!


There are no newbie chests in the tower in the gardens in bes pelargic.
In AM, in the room up and south from the shop.(That is Up,west, Up south from Tore.)Normally it is open. A key is available from the Head Priest. Read the blackboard for further information.
Not in BP or Djel or Lancre.
In the gym in AM there is a chest with stuff. That’s down, south from the landing.



A newbie chest is a container in which players can leave items for newbies of the same guild to take out. Newbie chests and their contents are saved over reboots.

Some chests have additional restrictions as to who can remove things.


In order to take things out of a priest newbie chest, you must be a priest who worships that deity and be under a certain age or guild level[research] (or be a minister of that deity). There is also a limit to how much you can take out at once.

They can be found in the following locations:


The thief newbie chest is in the Thieves’ Guild Research Room in the thief-only area of the Ankh-Morpork guild house.


Witch newbie chests are in Granny Weatherwax’s cottage and Aunty Ogg-San’s hut.


The wizard newbie chest is in the gym in the Unseen University. You must be under a certain age or guild level[research] in order to take things from the chest.


So there are the ten points.


So maybe after reading this you‘re thinking ‘get real dobbin’ or ‘my goodness, how awful’ or ‘it’s only a game’ . Fair enough. So say that, say what you want, say where you want us to go, and why. Participate.

I hope I don’t offend anyone; the idea is to motivate, enthuse and empower.